Submersible Water Pumps

BMS-QZ and BMS-QH series pumps with adjustable impellers bring the advantages of large capacity and head, high efficiency in a wide range of applications.

Submersible Axial Water Pumps: 

BMS-QZ series axial-flow pumps and BMS-QH series mixed-flow pumps are successfully designed using a proven technology and modern design. The pumps’ capacity is increased by 20%, the efficiency is 3~5% higher than other similar pump concepts.

Up to 28 000 m3 capacity and 20m head for BMS-QH and 38 000 m3 capacity and 20m head for BMS-QZ.


  • The pump station is small in scale, the construction is simple and the investment is greatly decreased. This can save 30%~40% for the building cost.
  • The pumps are easy to install, maintain and repair.
  • Low noise levels, long life.

The material of the series of BMS-QZ and BMS-QH can be cast iron, ductile iron or stainless steel.



  • Water supply in cities,
  • Diversion works,
  • Sewage drainage system
  • Sewage disposal project

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