Horizontal Water Pumps

Metallurgical wear-resistant multistage centrifugal pump

Wear-resistant horizontal multistage centrifugal mine pump consists of two or more impellers.

Each stage in the Horizontal multistage pump is essentially a separate pump. Boiler feed multistage ring section pump is a centrifugal horizontal high head, high-pressure single suction multistage pump.

Boiler feed multistage ring section pump is mainly used for high head pump required fields like: power plants, high buildings, long-distance water delivery, water circulation, irrigation, firefight etc.


Metallurgical wear-resistant horizontal multistage centrifugal pump is used for daily metallurgical washing work.

Metallurgical wear-resistant horizontal multistage centrifugal pump has an advanced hydraulic model, high efficiency and a wide performance range, smooth operation, low noise. The shaft seal adopts a soft packing seal or mechanical seal, which is safe and reliable, simple structure, convenient, and fast maintenance. The pump shaft is a fully sealed structure, to ensure that no contact with the medium, no rust, and a long service life.

Multistage pump

  • MD360-40 × (2-10) Multi-stage centrifugal pump
  • Product model: MD360-40 × (2-10) Multi-stage centrifugal pump
  • Flow: 360m³/h
  • Lift: 80-400m
  • Power: 132-630kw
  • Efficiency:77-80%

MD type metallurgical wear-resistant multistage centrifugal pump is a horizontal single-suction multistage centrifugal pump, that adopts the hydraulic model of high efficiency and energy-saving products recommended by the state and occupies an advanced position in the industry.

It has the advantages of high efficiency, wide performance range, safe and stable operation, low noise, long life, easy installation and maintenance, etc.

This type of multistage centrifugal pump is used for transporting neutral mineral water with solid particle content not more than 1.5% (particle size less than 0.5 mm) and similar other sewage, the temperature of the conveying medium is not more than 80℃, suitable for steel works, mine drainage, sewage transportation, and other occasions.

The effects of different conveying media are as follows:

  1. Under the condition of clean water (containing solid particles less than 0.1%), 5000h in operation without major repair, the efficiency decline does not exceed 6%;
  2. Containing solid particles less than 0.1% ~ 1% of the sewage conditions – 3000h in operation without overhaul, efficiency decline does not exceed 5%;
  3. Containing solid particles 1 ~.5% sewage conditions, 2000h in operation without overhaul, efficiency decline does not exceed 6%


Pressure boosting systems commonly employ these pumps. These circumstances usually demand a constant flow and pressure. Some of the most common projects that will use a horizontal multistage pump are:

  • Mine dewatering
  • High density living
  • Snow making
  • Boiler feed systems
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Industrial applications
  • Condensate
  • High pressure cleaning/wash down facilities
  • Jacking pumps for fire hydrant systems
  • Irrigation and fire hose feel supply
  • Showers
  • Co generation
  • Pressure Boosting

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