Spare Parts Slurry Pumps

The spare parts offered by BMS Pumps have a guaranteed chemical composition of the alloys and strict control of the deep thermal hardening and balancing.

The spare parts of the slurry pump are crucial for its service life, as they work in very  abrasive and corrosive environment, with high concentration of solids. Various applications in processing of ore, sand, gravel and others and other materials create high density slurries. Main applications where the spare parts are of strategic character are slurry transport in concentrators; Fly and Bottom ash evacuation in coal power plants; Coal plants, dredging of rivers, etc. BMS supplies spare parts for horizontal and vertical slurry pumps, made of High Chrome alloys, natural rubber and various types of Polyurethane. Parts for horizontal and vertical slurry pumps include: impeller, lining, throat bushing, frame plate insert, housing, etc.

 Spare parts available at BMS Pumps are compatible with OEM parts

Metal Frame Plate Liner Insert – BMS-E4041

Spare parts Horizontal slurry pumps

Metal Casing slurry-pumps spare parts BMS

Spare parts Vertical slurry pumps

Frame Plate Liner-Insert Submersible-slurry pumps

Spare parts Submersible slurry pumps