Horizontal Slurry Pumps

BMSAH (R) series pumps are heavy duty horizontal slurry pumps designed to handle the transfer of abrasive and high-density slurries in mining and heavy industry. BMSAH (R) slurry pumps feature a rugged cast iron construction with replaceable wear liners available in 27% chrome white iron, rubber or urethane to suit a wide range of applications, slurry types and densities.

Horizontal slurry pumps are available in sizes ranging from 1 inch (25 mm) to 18 inch (450 mm) discharge and feature high efficiency performance capable of flow rates from 10.8 to 6500  m3/hour (48-28600 USGPM) and heads up to 125 meters (410 ft) for high head models.

All BMSAH (R) slurry pumps are designed to be interchangeable with the most common slurry pump footprints used in the mining industry. BMSAH(R) pumps are manufactured using the highest quality materials to ensure reliability and extended service life in heavy-duty applications.

BMSAH (R) pumps are manufactured with a rugged cast iron outer casing which features reinforcing ribs for excellent high pressure strength and safety.

Horizontal Slurry Pumps BMSAH (metal/ rubber):

Horizontal slurry pumps are designed to handle solids particles in dredging operations. Slurry pumps are designed for the continuous handling of the most abrasive slurries.

They are suitable for various applications in Mining, explosive-sludge in metal melting, dredging in dredger and course of rivers and other applications.

  1. Construction of this pump is of double casing by means of clamp bands and wide wet passage.
  2. The wet-parts are made of Ni-hard and high chromium abrasion-resistance alloys.
  3. Eight exit directions:The outlet position of the pump can be spaced at 45 ºC as required, It can be rotated at eight different angles to install and use. This type of pump can also be used in series
  4. This type of pump possesses the advantages of easy installation and operation, good performance of NPSH and Abrasion-resistance.

Slurry pumps are designed for heavy-wearing and heavy-duty uses like the transportation of abrasive fluid and corrosive slurry in industries such as mining, dredging steel and sewage treatment.

Slurry pumps differ from the other pumps in many aspects like design and materials, when choosing a slurry pump you need take everything into consideration, otherwise it will cause the service life of the slurry pump to be greatly reduced

Components of a Slurry Pump:

The essential components of a slurry pump include the volute or casing, impeller, shaft, sealing mechanism, motor and base plate

Horizontal Slurry Pumps BMSAH 

  • Model: 8-6-BMSAH (R)
  • Flow: 360-830m3/h
  • Head: 10-61 m
  • Power:120 kw
  • Speed: 500-1140 r/min
  • Material: High Chrome Alloy
  • Layout: Horizontal

Usage: it is suitable for conveying high density slurry with strong abrasion or slurry with low concentration and high head.

Drive Mode: DC Direct drive, Cr parallel belt drive, zv upper and lower belt drive, CV vertical belt drive, etc.

Application Horizontal Slurry Pumps BmAH (R):

Slurry pump widely used in power plants, coal factory, mining plant, building materials and other industries, we have advanced processing and testing equipment, each slurry pump is rigorous tested before leaving the factory.

  • Construction & Tunnelling
  • Dredging
  • Municipal
  • Industrial
  • Mining & Quarrying
  • Power Stations

The Benefits Of Using a Slurry Pump:

There are so many benefits to using a slurry pump. Some of the benefits of using a slurry pump include the following:

  • Increased efficiency and reliability in pumping thick liquids.
  • Reduced downtime due to fewer clogs and blockages.
  • Lower maintenance costs due to fewer parts that need replacing or repairing.
  • Greater control over the flow rate of the liquid being pumped.
  • Enhanced safety as they are designed with built-in safeguards against pressure overloads.

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